Landscape in_Progress | von Motz Mateusz
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von Motz Mateusz

Title of the work

Bling Brutalism Series


Short description of the work

When Thomas Hirschhorn writes that the crystals stand for ‘the universal, the ultimate and the absolute’ he is arguing that the crystals stand for beauty itself. Here, in the work of author we are confronted by an idea of crystals that can best be described as a bling brutalism. Lumps of concrete are covered with shiny reflective film. The raw surface of the concrete – that reveals itself on the edges and sides of the stones – is animated by the shiny colored film that clings to the surface. The stones shimmer in response to the passing movement of the audience, they dance to any changes in light and with this dance encourage the objects around them to become animated.

Key words

Concrete – Photography – Brutalims – Light




Beton Brut, Brutalist Heritage, Fragment, Photo, Selected