Landscape in_Progress | Anello Stanislao G
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Anello Stanislao G

Title of the work

ARO-Patria Building
Magistraților building
Presei Libere Square


Short description of the work

The Asigurarea Romaneasca (ARO) insurance building (1929–1931), by Horia Creangă (20 July 1892 – 1 August 1943), considered the first important modernist structure in Romania.
Magistraților building (1935-1937, Bd. Magheru, nr. 22-24), by Duiliu Marcu (1885-1966), Bucharest.
Presei Libere Square with casa Presei Libere (1952-1957) and Aripi Monument, in northern Bucharest.


Key words

Modernism – Volume – East




Balkan, Beton Brut, Brutalist Heritage, Other Cities, Photo, Selected