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Fatigato Lecoeur Acampora

Title of the work

Lost In Translation


Short description of the work

Skopje an Europan Capitale through non sense ʺantiquisationʺ or unique European brutalism belonging to a web of extraordinary utopian project? By choosing a neoclassical decorum that is only a falsification of architecture and politics, Skopje did not make the choice of a ʺRenaissanceʺ, as Tange suggested in 1965, but of a great spring backwards, as others cities have done before. Rather than joining communities by a system architecture, which could be strengthened, but which made its identity, the capital chose to freeze its architectural future with the falsification of its image. And to ally itself with the merciless impoverishment of its values without bet on its European uniqueness. Who wins: false democracy of popular architecture or the populism of a false architecture?
1. The life of forms in architecture
2. Erasing potemkin’s dream
3. Skopje neo-animal brutalist capital
4. Greetings from skopje


Key words

Democracy – Falsification – Neo-brutalism form




#Skopje, Beton Brut, Brutalist Heritage, Drawing, Invited, Kenzo Tange, Magastructure, SK2014, Text, Transition, Utopia