Landscape in_Progress | Jakimska Ana
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Jakimska Ana

Title of the work

The Future is Brutal


Short description of the work

In the future, many things will be changed. The sky above Skopje will have two suns and spaceships will fly over our squares. People will look different, wearing new outfits that will allow for easier movement and survival in the new world. However, there will be much fewer of them left, as a consequence of the poor air quality and the continuous deterioration of the conditions for sustaining life. In the harsh circumstances of the future, what will survive is the city’s brutal architecture. Brutality will be a reminder of the damage done by men as a consequence of the lack of a greater vision and solidarity.


Key words

Brutalism – Future – Pollution




#Skopje, Beton Brut, Brutalist Heritage, Invited, Photo, Transition