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Noev Igor

Title of the work

Walking on broken glass
Typological shifts of Skopje and the continuing discontinuity of its urban landscape


Short description of the work

The essay introduces a particular historical frame, interpreting the urban development of the city of Skopje as a self-referential paradox. Within its turbulent history, Skopje survived three significant typological shifts represented with the urban designs by the teams of Josif Mihajlovic, Ludjek Kubes and Kenzo Tange. Partially carrying out and later abandoning these projects, led Skopje to reawake each time portraying a new typological narrative.
In this context, the so called “project Skopje2014” is interpreted as the latest narrative which continues the discontinuity of the urban landscape. In addition, it poses a great ethical challenge for the urban thinkers in Skopje at present time.
Model 01 – “Traditional” Skopje 1890
Model 02 – De-facto to De jure 1929
Model 03 – From “Genius loci” to “Zeitgeist” 1948
Model 04 – From “Modern” to “Postmodern”


Key words

Skopje – Typological shifts – Historical urban plans




#Skopje, Brutalist Heritage, Heartquake, Kenzo Tange, Magastructure, SK2014, Text, Transition, Utopia