Landscape in_Progress | Petrovska Angela
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Petrovska Angela

Title of the work

Out of context corners
Sculptural sunset
Pastel windows
Where memories dance


Short description of the work

The hardest thing to do is take out architecture out of it’s context especially when it is based around it. Here, through a simple shot of the corner, we see the architectural detail of the Museum of Macedonia.
The modernist white setting of the Museum of Contemporary Art is changed thanks to the entering light of the sunset. Suddenly it gives the building a new colorful character, one that mimics an art piece.
The soft pastel colors in contrast to the harsh concrete, an intertwining in the facade of the student dormitory in Skopje.
Trapped childhood memories in a metal box, a home to laughter and joy, once very close, now forgotten and deteriorating.
The clear blue sky mixes in between the cold grey tones of the facade of the building of the Macedonian Radio, creating a connection between nature and architecture. Isolated from the context of the whole form, this corner gives us a peak into the details of Macedonian modernism.


Key words

corner – contrast – colors – concrete – windows




#Skopje, Beton Brut, Brutalist Heritage, Photo, Selected