Landscape in_Progress | Rafailovska A. Samardjiev D.
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Rafailovska A. Samardjiev D.

Title of the work

Brutally Fractured Patterns


Short description of the work

The disastrous natural and cultural origin of the brutally fractured patterns on the urban map of Skopje, seems to signify a scarified palimpsest of conflicting architectural layers. Nonetheless, to locate a certain historical stratum in the urban development of the city of Skopje as the original urban physiognomy is a highly questionable act. This exit from the architectural realm and the transgression towards traditional embroidery patterns allows us to critically maneuver at a safe distance from conflicting architectural viewpoints and pull the loose threads of the
urban map of Skopje from outside. That way we might employ embroidery as an ornamental way of stitching together historically and politically torn and fractured architectural patterns in new creative contexts. One might ask what is the relation of traditional embroidery and brutalist architecture, is not the escapade into the domain of textiles too safe of a distance to be of any relevance to contemporary theory of architecture ?


Key words

Brutalli – Patterns – Skopje




#Skopje, Brutalist Heritage, Fragment, Invited, Text, Transition, Utopia