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Tatić Saša

Title of the work

The Bedrock
The Bedrock II


Short description of the work

The development of an intervention realized on the same spot: before, during and after the excavation of the soil for the future house.


The excavated soil, that was supposed to be filled with the concrete in order to become a proper house foundation but continued to wait that moment, represented my attempt to built a house in the same age in which my father was when he started to build his. Under the influence of weather conditions, the significant amount of already excavated soil has returned back in its original state, leaving the visible traces of previous intervention that took place at the same spot several months earlier. Re-engagement of close friends and family members, in order to re-excavate the soil witnesses of investing, sometimes, Sisyphus effort and patience to overcome current possibilities and chances.


Key words

Three-generation –  Heritage – Value




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